Yoga in Modern day Physiotherapy

Yoga is a way of life. The word Yoga means to unite, or to connect. Therapy means to heal, to treat. Physio-Yoga is an inherently holistic approach simultaneously working on body, mind & soul, aiming to maintain and achieve positive health. It is used both for...

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Benefits of Good Posture

What is a good posture? A good posture is one in which a person’s body is optimally aligned in such a way that the muscles can perform actions, requiring least amount of energy to achieve the desired effect.   Good posture: Helps muscles work efficiently. Reduces...

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Recommended Products

We come across a lot of great products at Amazon and other sites online. Here is a list of some items that we can recommend for you. Finger Exerciser / Adjustable Hand Grip Gel Exercise Ball Adjustable Foot Rest

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Back Cushion

This portable and lightweight back cushion is highly versatile and can be used at office, at home or even when traveling. By allowing the spine to follow its natural curve, this cushion promotes good posture and correct spinal alignment, assists in relieving back pain...

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