About Our Practice

Dr. Chopra’s Health & Wellness Clinic is a well known setup for Advanced Physiotherapy in Pune. At Dr. Chopra’s, we endeavour to provide progress in health for everyone. Our mission is “to offer services and solutions to help you live an active, healthy and happy life”.

Welcome to Our Wellness Clinic

Dr. Chopra’s is an Advanced Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic. We ease your aches & pains and maximize your gains from intensive therapy sessions – be they our most popular Anti-Ageing program, Therapeutic Yoga sessions, Pain Relief interventions or Advanced Physiotherapy treatments
We bring you the best and the latest in non-invasive and drug-free treatment regimes. At Dr. Chopra’s, you would find creative mix of east &  west – Yoga &  Pilates,  Pranayama  &  Physiotherapy modalities – all with a single purpose of achieving wellness in body & mind.

Meet Our Doctors

This is a brainchild of Dr. Monika Chopra; she has more than a decade’s experience in pain alleviation and palliative care. We are located at #33, Prachi Residency, Baner Road, Pune.

We are open from 8 am to 2 pm in mornings and from 5 pm to 9 pm in evenings, six days a week. To avoid waiting in queue, it is advised to book a prior appointment.

Dr. Monika Chopra, B.Ph.T, MIAP

Dr. Monika Chopra is a senior physiotherapist working in the area of pain management and pediatric development for more than a decade. She is an expert in latest pain remediation like Kinesiology Taping, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

Dr. Meenakshi Pandit, B.Ph.T, MIAP

Dr. Meenakshi Pandit is an eminent UK trained physiotherapist. She has earlier been the head of physiotherapy department at the renowned Sancheti Hospital. She has helped numerous patients in her 16 years of clinical practice.

Mrs. Jyoti Shanbhag, M.Sc (Speech & Hearing)

Mrs, Jyoti Shanbhag is a practicing Audiologist and Speech therapist with a Master’s degree in Speech & Hearing from the All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore. She has 27 years’ experience in the field of communication disorders.

Dr. Sunita Ramam, MBBS, MD (Psychiatry)

Dr. Sunita Ramam is a trusted Psychiatrist. She is a caring, skilled professional, dedicated to simplifying what is often a very complicated and confusing area of health care.

Mr Parag Kamble

Mr Parag Kamble has more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing custom Orthotics & Prosthetics for a wide variety of medical issues. With his immense experience and a wide variety of materials/machinery at his disposal, he creates innovative and practical support for all our clients.
“It was best ever😊 Thanks a lot Dr Monika & best of luck!!!”

Alpana Mairh

“I injured my ankle twice within a year. Dr Monika guided me very well the physiotherapy sessions that helped the healing a lot. A very good doctor indeed.”

Preeti Sadevra

“I have followed the advise given and it gave me excellent results. I wish all the very best.”

Vivek Vishnubhatla


Better Health Care is Our Mission

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#33,Prachi Residency,Baner Road,Pune