Patient Profile: 25 years old female, housewife with moderately active lifestyle.

Priti (name changed) came to Dr Chopra’s Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic with complaints of left ankle pain and swelling on the outer side of the ankle. She could barely take few steps without support. Her MRI reports showed GRADE-3 ankle ligament injury.

She had suffered similar kind of injury on the left ankle around 8 months back too while dancing. Her then physiotherapist recommended her ultrasonic massage for 15 days with few range of motion exercises. The re-occurrence of the injury showed that not much emphasis was paid to the strengthening of the weak muscles and ligament around the ankle joint.

Treatment Action:

From Day 1 to Day 3, Priti was advised to take rest, ice, compression and elevation at home. At the clinic, she was given Ultrasonic massage and Kinesiology taping.

On Day 4, Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) was administered to left leg; covering hip adductors, hamstrings and calf muscles which helped to release the muscle tightness. On alternate days, focus was placed on muscle stretching and strengthening. This course of treatment was repeated for one week, and by then her pain had reduced from 9 to 3 on VAS (Visual Analogue Scale). During this time she was advised to wear ankle binder while moving.

From Day 8, active assisted ankle exercises were started along with Ultrasonic massage and taping. Priti was advised to take contrast bath at home along with some active ankle movements working on joint mobility and flexibility.

On Day 15, ankle strengthening exercises were introduced with Theraband.

Priti was discharged on Day 21 with no pain in the ankle region. She could walk for long distance without support. Her range of movement and flexibility had increased considerably by now. Priti was advised to do cycling and swimming on regular basis to further improve the ankle strength and avoid re-occurrence of injury.

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