Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What to expect during Physiotherapy consultation?

On your first visit

  • Detailed physiotherapy assessment and evaluation
  • Consultation with Dr. Monika Chopra
  • Posture therapy
  • Home Exercise Regime
  • Treatment plan
What to expect in the followup sessions ?
  • Personalized exercise plan (Physiotherapy / Yoga / Pilates)
  • Special modalities (as required)
    • IFT
    • PEMT (Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy, USA)
    • Kinesiology Taping, Japan (as required)
    • Rope and Belt alignments and stretches
    • Core strengthening
    • Breath Therapy
    • Theraband exercises
How many sessions are required for getting fit?

The number of sessions required vary by the extent of injury and the physical age of your body. We can guide you better once you come over to the clinic for a thorough examination and consultation.

Do you provide home visits?

Home visits should generally be avoided since we can’t carry all of our modalities to the patient’s home. However, in certain cases where the patient is completely bed-ridden, we can make arrangements for home visits. Please contact at the clinic for more details.

Are the machines safe for Pregnant women?

The physiotherapy modalities are generally safe for pregnant women. However please inform your therapist before the start of treatment so that they are extra careful.

How soon can I start Pre-Natal Exercises?

You should start doing pre-natal exercises as soon as you discover your pregnancy. This way you can prepare your body as it is going through the beautiful changes that motherhood brings. So share the good news with your therapist at the earliest and follow her exercise instructions for a joyful pregnancy.

When should I start the Post-Natal Exercises?

In case of a normal delivery, you should be able to start the post natal exercises as early as a fortnight post the delivery. It can take a much longer time in the case of a C-Section delivery though. We always ask for a thorough check-up by your Ob-Gyn before starting the post-natal exercise regime.

My question is not listed here. What should I do?

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