Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga (or Yoga Therapy as it is called by some) is a blend of Physical postures, Breathing techniques, Meditation and guided imagery to improve physical and mental health. The holistic approach of yoga therapy helps in integration of mind, body and spirit.

At Dr Chopra’s we do a thorough physiotherapy assessment of your ailments

  • The Therapeutic Yoga session is given on the basis of proper medical knowledge of your ailment.

    Therapeutic Yoga includes

    • Breath therapy
    • Posture therapy
    • Belt and Rope stretches and alignments
    • Meditation
    • Guided Imagery

    We have created effective & innovative routines of

    • Yoga for Arthritis
    • Yoga for Asthma
    • Yoga for Spondylosis & Spondylitis
    • Yoga for Varicose Veins
    • Yoga for Backache
    • Yoga for Hypertension
    • Yoga for Diabetes
    • Yoga for Thyroid
    • Yoga for Indigestion, Constipation & flatulence
    • Yoga for Menstrual disorders
    • Yoga for Anxiety & Obesity

“There are Yoga practitioners and then there are Yoga Therapists. The Yoga treatment I got at Dr. Chopra’s surprised me with the ease and speed at which my lower back pain came under control. They have taught me the right asanas and the duration and intensity for each asana. Highly recommended for chronic pains.”

Anjan Gogoi


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